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Bubblegum Indoor

Bubblegum has a sweet, flowery and berry flavor, and as it is aptly namaed, tastes like Bubblegum

Hawaiian Skunk Indoor

Here is our Hawaiian Skunk Indoor, with pronounced aromas of exotic and slightly earthy fruits.

Lemonhaze Indoor

This is a ​​​​​​hybrid crossed between Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze, it will give you a positive energy to brighten your evenings

Purple Kush Indoor

Our Purple Kush Outdoor with slightly earthy and very sweet aromas reminding us of the famous Californian OG Kush

Discovery Box 

For real enthusiasts who wants to try different flavours. It contains 2g of the variety set of all our strains.


Our high-end premium quality CBD hemp oil is extracted from organic hemp grown in Switzerland. (5%, 15%, 25%)

CBD Pet Oil

High quality CBD HEMP OIL for pets extracted from organic hemp grown in Switzerland with chicken flavour

CBD Capsules

Our capsules are high-end quality rich in CBD hemp seed oil extracted from organic hemp grown in Switzerland.

It’s merely a nod to the May 1968 revolutions that led to the hippie movement. Our brand is peace & love, authentic, simple, but also revolutionary. “We are the cannabis revolution!”

CBD Wholesale - Why Sixty8 Brand?

CBD Wholesale - Green Brother​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Safe to use with only 0.2% THC content in sophisticated glass packaging for the preservation of cannabis flavour.​​​​​​​

CBD Wholesale - Welcome to Green Brothers Website

We are one of the top manufacturers of legal cannabis product in Switzerland. Green Brothers has the special and latest technology when it comes to cultivation and production of cannabis plants that are extracted to get the purest CBD in strains and hemp products. Farmers and growers have 15 years of experience in cultivating, harvesting and producing natural goods. The final packaging is done in-house fresh from harvesting to provide the best goods for our wholesale distributors.

CBD Wholesale - Benefits of Our Service

All Our Natural and Wholesale CBD Products are Switzerland Based

100% Natural Cultivation

Our hectares of an outdoor and large indoor plantation of cannabis flower is cultivated with no pesticide, herbicides and other chemical products.

Professional Wholesaler

The business has been running for fifteen years, so we become not just professional grower but as well as a wholesale distributor of all CBD strains products.

Low Cost

Our low prices of products make us ideal than other Swiss and European CBD wholesale company for a reseller to get high-profit margin.

Best Quality of CBD Oil

Expert producers of CBD oils ensure the quantity and quality of wholesale products.

Custom Clearance

We process the clearance of your goods upon delivery, so no hassle on your part.

Your package will be sent to the courier within 48 hours receiving your order.

Within 48 Hours Delivery

CBD Wholesale - In-house Localize Production

At the north-east of Vaud, you will find the family farm production of marijuana plants. The farm has a dozen hectares outdoor plantation and a big indoor plantation area of cannabis plants. We use the latest technology equipment when it comes to farming, harvesting and extracting hempmeds CBD oil throughout the year. This is to ensure that we produce only the top quality of oils

We guarantee that no pesticide, herbicide or any chemical products are used upon cultivation. All of our cannabis oil products are manufactured naturally and no other compound. To protect our CBD cannabis, we used insects in our plantation. It is because of the fifteen years of being in this industry, we have developed a process that is beneficial to our customers. Green Brothers has been operating for fifteen years now and have many experiences when it comes to weed flower production.

CBD Wholesale - Green Brother Sophisticated Glass Packaging 

The glass package of our natural cannabinoids products is intentionally made to preserve the original flavour of the herb. The CBD Wholesale - Green Brothers gives a particular concern over the packaging, so they emphasize its manufacturing. The glass packaging under SIXTY8 brand is the method for preserving the concentrated smell and taste of CBD oil. For retro effect, we added a cork stopper making it unique from others. Quality is the top priority of the company to distribute a cannabinoid product that is not just profitable but as well as trustworthy.

CBD Wholesale - Easy and Reputable Online Shopping System

CBD Wholesale - Quick Delivery System

We process your order in-house. Once we receive your request and settled the payment, your package will be sent to the courier with a maximum of 48 hours. The courier will pick up the delivery at home, and the company will take care of the customs clearance. Just settle your orders and the payment, and we will immediately process them. We accept any forms of an online method you have such as credit card (Visa and Mastercard).

We deliver the top and the highest quality of wholesale CBD oil and hemp seeds products around European markets but most notably in France. We are proud to say that every vendor and retailer we met are happy with the quality of CBD hemp products we manufactured for them. Our online shopping website provides EASY, FAST and REPUTABLE online purchasing method for our valued clients.

Just think of the traffic you will be avoiding because you don't need to buy bulk outside anymore. You do not have to deal with incompetence when ordering large quantities as modern technology provides you with the easiest way to reach us. As a top online wholesale supplier, we guarantee that you get what you paid for. All you need is to place your order online, and we will ship immediately as soon as we receive it.

CBD Wholesale - Our Line of Products

If you wish to order particular products like hemp plant, vaporizers, supplement, drop ship, hemp seed, tincture, e-liquid o vape, concentration and many more, we can provide you with any items. There are also products for your pet (cats and dogs) that are taken orally. The botanical herb is in therapeutic oil or unique formula made for them only (drops or capsule).

We legally produce natural cannabis strains that are extracted from hemp oil, stalk and cannabis flower is guaranteed to have a low purity level of THC content rate. Our expert extracted the cannabis plant using the latest C02 extraction method and comes from the purest seed oil and no other substances mixed in our industrial hemp manufacturing process. 

Do not hesitate to add Green Brothers in your list as the top wholesaler in Switzerland and other European countries when you buy wholesale as producing high-quality CBD oil products and with the best in-house logistics.